Olympics: Post a Day

9 02 2010

Theme: Olympics in my home town.
Concept: Post a day until Olympics go away. (I’m actually very excited, just it rhymed and I couldn’t resist).

I have 2 tickets to 9 events (10 events if you count tomorrows Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal).

I doubt I have enough tickets to accommodate everyone I know that wants to see an event.

I saw the Olympic torch in my town (New Westminster) and while on the road for work (Vernon).

I grew up here.

I think regardless of what you think about the Olympics, it is coming. You can seize the moment, and find joy in one of the very few times we can be united as a country — indeed, as humanity. It’s the largest gathering of mankind. Or you can complain about it. Either way, it’s here.

I booked two weeks holiday off for the Olympics over a year ago. This confused the accounting department for vacation requests outside of a fiscal year.

I am volunteering at the Paralympics at the Sledge Hockey. 13 days, 10 hours a day, over a 16 day period. This does not include the training day in this period.

I’ve spent a lot of time on a variety of websites trying to get the low down on music and cultural events. Many of these websites suck.

I am lucky to find blogs and websites through twitter that provide great Olympic information.

I am super excited – it brings back a lot of childhood memories of Expo ’86.

I bid on every single Men’s Olympic Hockey Game in the hope of seeing the Canadian Team. Zero tickets. But I get to see Latvia play Germany.

I did win tickets for two Team Sweden games. I think this may the closest I ever get to see Canucks win something of importance.

I mentioned I am volunteering 13 days for Sledge hockey. Also, zero Canadian team opportunities.

I have tickets to two events at Cypress. One is Men’s medal for Aerials.

I have found everyone has an opinion on the Olympics.

I prefer to seek joy. I think you should too.

I am Canadian.

I’ll see you soon.