Okanagan travels with a closed road

4 11 2008

I have two distance classroom in BC – the Footprints Centre in Penticton and Independent Living Vernon in, um, Vernon.  Trick this time is, the main highway is connecting the two is closed along the way. 

A part of the highway was being widened, which was completely unnecessary, I have never hit slow traffic at that area until the construction started.   The moutain above the widening suddenly has a 100 metre fault that goes 9 metres deep, in the rock just above the highway.   The crack is so big a goat fell in.  Now the road is closed.  You can do a three hour detour on surrounding highways, or a more direct, mainly unmarked, series of logging roads.  Option C, the water taxi, doesn’t go all the way to Vernon.

It’s a funny reaction locals give you when you say you’re going to try it… what do they know that I don’t?  Halfway along, when I hit the snow line on a one lane road with no rail safety, I start thinking “This might have been very stupid.”  But then, going the other way comes a guy on a motorbike.  And not a “moutain dirt bike”, it’s one of those rocket street speed bikes.  So if he survived, how bad can it be?

Neat drive, especially as a part of the drive is where there were forest fires in 2002, so you’re driving through a bit of a graveyard forest.


Thursday should be interesting, I’ll have to do it in the morning to get to the Vernon grad, and then again in the afternoon back to Penticton to make a project wrap-up advisory committee.