Olympic Post a Day #2: Opening Ceremonies Dress Rehersal with Mom

11 02 2010

Having pairs of tickets to ten events, and having family and friends that knew about it, meant I spent a fair bit of time planning and stressing to get everyone to at least one event.  Some planning has been easier than others, but today was a lock early on.  My wife Allison and I would go to the opening ceremonies dress rehearsal.

That is, until she had a migraine and waved the flag of surrender at 1 pm.

I scrambled and called people – a lot of interest, but no one could get there in time.  Eventually, I called my Mom at work – on lunch.  Called her at home – no answer.  Didn’t matter I thought, there’s no way she’d skip out of work, especially working for the school board, coming from Surrey… it just wasn’t going to happen.

But Mom called me back, she was very keen.  Ecstatic, and ready to leave work at a drop of a hat, damn to any consequences (turns out it was report card day, every secretaries favourite)!

It reminded me of way back, when I was Grade 1 or 2, when Expo ’86 was in Vancouver.  One day, she came shortly after recess, and removed me from school, to take me to Expo ’86. And while I don’t remember all of Expo clearly, I remember this moment very well – the first (and a very rare) time that school came second.  “Something like this happens once in a lifetime, and it’s important you take these opportunities.”

Today was my receipt – pulling my Mom out of school early to partake in a world event.  And while it was only a dress rehearsal, the whole event was amazing and breathtaking.  In BC place waiting for the event to start, my Mom said, “I just can’t believe it’s here, and I’m here.”  Later, in the middle of one of the song and dance performances full of special effects, I looked over, and my Mom had a grin of awe, like a child.  I would have taken a picture if I was allowed to bring in a camera.

While I’m sure to have tons of Olympic experiences, that’ll be a hard one to top.