Olympic Post a Day 12: Broken Social Scene

21 02 2010
Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene

I’ve mapped out concerts for each day of the Olympics, but have taken each day as it comes, see who is available and what they wish to do, and how the mood strikes me to decide what I end up doing. But I had a star in my agenda for “Special Surprise show” at the Ontario House for a while.

When I saw on twitter that it was Broken Social Scene, I jumped out of the house and went straight there. To my shock, at 3:30 pm on the Saturday, there was NO LINE to get into the venue (instead, everyone was lined up for the 4D movie and every other pavilion). No line for the bar, reasonable priced food, $6 beer, free concert, and 5 huge screens to view all the sports? I was in heaven.

The Olympic experience for me has been very Broken Social Scene-ish. Every day, it’s a different assortment of friend’s, acquaintances, events and venues. It’s the joy of doing it that brings you together coming back day after day with a different cast of characters and acquaintances.

Waiting nearly 6 hours for a concert sounds terrible, but it’s not. You make a few new friends chewing the fat with complete strangers as you wait. Even Gordon Campbell walked through and met some folks. Plus, it’s a bar, not a line.

I txted everyone I knew to get down there, but they closed the doors at 5ish I believe, not letting anyone else in – weird, there was ton of space. But then it came clear to me, they still needed to do sound check. This certainly built anticipation for the people in the know about who was coming, as about a hundred of us waited in the back of the bar watching Olympic events.

As for the show, just to clear up a couple of rumours:
• The blonde girl was not Emily Haines from Metric, it’s their current (and cuter) female lead singer Lisa Lobsinger.
• The brunette girl was not Feist, it was Julie Doirin (former bassist from Eric’s Trip).
• For once, Broken Social Scene played a phenomenal show in Vancouver, its true!

I was right up against the stage until needing the bathroom right near the end of the set. I was so close I could lean over and take a picture of the crazy peddle setups. For a larger show in a larger venue, it felt more intimate than Sloan’s Atlantic House concert that housed maybe 250 people. The event didn’t have a mosh pit and people scrapping it out for space, which many of the free shows have turned into (including a mosh pit for Bedoiun Soundclash, who’d thunk that?) Just a great vibe, and great timing as I just finished reading “This Book is Broken” a few months ago.

While I have a tough time putting sound into words, I hope these pictures and video satisfy your curiosity.

(Sorry for some double pics here, still learning how the Gallery works in WordPress)

Set list (very much a Best of, with little new material):

• Superconnected
• 7/4
• Backed Out
• Churches Under the Stairs
• Love is New
• Stars and Sons
• Out on the Weekend
• Anthems For a 17 Year Old Girl
• Flives
• Sweetest
• (Some song by Julie Doirin)
• It’s All Gonna Break
• Encore: Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

Kevin James (and many Olympic performers) have been told, no encore. He came out to reiterate that point, and when the crowd still wouldn’t leave, he broke into a cappella version of U2’s Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For.

How perfect did the evening play out? Afterwards, it was drinks on the town with a couple of my best friends. As I walked out, I passed a tank at the Armoury with kids climbing all over it. And my beer night cap, I’m at the Irish Heather under a 20 foot wide U2 War poster.

Kids on tank singing Canadian National Anthem

Kids on tank singing Canadian National Anthem

Night cap beers under Giant U2 poster board

Night cap beers under Giant U2 poster board

The universe ties itself together and takes care of its young social scenes.

Olympics Post a Day 9 – Ice Hockey and Dan Mangan

18 02 2010

On Tuesday, I attended the first men’s ice hockey game, USA vs. Switzerland. It was my first Olympic sporting event, and the first men’s hockey game of the Olympics!

It took no time to get into the venue – line-ups are worse for the cultural and party zones, we went through security and got into the Canada Hockey Place in 15 minutes (compared to the 4 hours we waited for Sloan).

The game was good, the first period in every game so far has been tentative as these teams feel not only the opponent out, but remember, it’s rare if any of these guys play together. Very cool vibes in the stadium, surprisingly physical, and very pro USA.

Afterwards, we hit a pub to watch the Team Canada vs. Norway trashing. That is certainly a must do – be in a pub while the Men’s Canadian Hockey team is playing. Follow that by heading to Granville and Robson after the win, and you thought we just took home Gold. Over an hour of Canadian National anthems in the street!

The music bonus of the day was Dan Mangan. I first saw Mangan open for Hey Rosetta when I was in Edmonton, not knowing who he was. I don’t think his new album was even out at that point, but the show ended with everyone in the crowd singing-a-long “Robots Need Love Too”. Since then his career has exploded.

Mangan was playing a sold out show at the Roundhouse on Tuesday night, but I stumbled onto his set in the Bread Garden under CBC Radio 3. Very cool – maybe 10 people in there? And I thought Sloan was intimate! Wish I had my camera, people were coming up and chatting with him, having shirts signed, etc – a very personable and down to earth guy.

I took a down day on Wednesday, but am headed downtown right now to see the Stephen Colbert taping!


22 10 2009

Wow, I suck and have been neglectful of my blog.  Been too busy on twitter, building a world in Moodle, and funerals and weddings in the other world.

So here’s something completely different.  Going to a concert with Allison (Metric) and Paul (Shout out out out).  Here’s how the one with wifey will likely sound:


Edit: how bad do I suck? I can’t seem to manage embedding the widget with Embed code on my clipboard!