Olympic Post a Day: Canada for Gold at Men’s Aerials

26 02 2010

My final live event to attend was the Men’s Aerials – Medal event. This is held at Cypress, and is the only Cypress event where the standing room tickets (which I had) weren’t cancelled, as it’s on a different part of the mountain.

I wanted to do a mountain event as part of the Olympics, but I didn’t want to go all the way to Whistler. Even the trip to Cypress is a long one:
• > 30 min skytrain
• > 15 min seabus (plus the wait for it)
• > 30 min bus ride up to Cypress (plus the wait for it)
• > 30 min walk from bus drop, through security, and into venue.

The waits weren’t long anywhere, but it’s a good two hours in, and two hours out. Because it was a medal event, there were only twelve jumpers, and they each jump twice, so the whole event takes under an hour.

While waiting for the event, we watched Canada Women’s hockey win Gold on the big screen. That ties us for #1 in Gold Medals.

It seemed like a great chance to see Canada win a medal live with 3 of the 12 jumpers being Canadian. And when I found out one of the jumper’s name is Kyle from Calgary, and I was attending the event with my cousin Kyle from Calgary, it seemed like destiny. And after the first set of jumpers, Kyle Nissen was in first, meaning he would be the final jumper.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. He went for a much simpler jump than the others, broke form, and had a rough landing, scoring low in his final jump. Obviously, everyone wanted to see a Gold and we left disappointed. When I got home, I saw interviews with the jumpers, and you could see how heartbroken all three Canadian jumpers were that they didn’t win the Gold at home. Tough for all involved, but congratulations to all the jumpers – it was a great experience. The fact that we didn’t freeze, worked our way into the grandstand, and could check “mountain event” off the “to-do” list, it all worked out quite nicely.



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