Olympic Post a Day 10: The Colbert Report

19 02 2010

I headed to the second taping of the Colbert Report in Vancouver today. It was madness on a very beautiful day.

The sound was pretty lousy, and hard to hear from any of the four vantage points I moved around. Also, his interview with Usal Dosanjh was pre-taped, which took away from the live feel. But he did have the USA Men’s Gold winner in Snowboard Cross live on stage.

As often is the case, the true entertainment isn’t what is on stage, but what is in the crowd.

Without a doubt, the best Olympic place to eat is the Beijing area at the Plaza of Nations, they have a great food court and market with cuisine from around the world – and because there are so many booths, it’s relatively cheap compared to some of the other gouging going on around town.

The rest of the day was good, I wandered around town, Gastown, and headed to the Cambie for the nail biter Team Canada Hockey game against the Swiss. And Canada wins it’s third Gold!

Today, I’m headed to the Men’s Hockey game – Sweden vs. Belarus. Go Canucks / Sweden!



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