Olympic Post a Day 8: SLOAN!!!

16 02 2010

A full day of Olympics yesterday, and today is the same!

I met up with a buddy from work Paul, and we went to the Mint to see the medals. However, we weren’t prepared to stand in line for 4 hours to get in, and pushed on.

We wandered up Granville, and ducked into the Irish House – no wait! Jay met up with us. After a couple there and chatting with some folks, we had lunch on Granville. For the record, I would recommend having a couple of beers and food NOT in an official venue, it’s much cheaper, you can get a table, etc.

Jay Paul Chad

Chris, Paul, and Chad - work people on a non-work day!

One of the cool things is just bumping into people. Outside of planned and spontaneous calls from people to meet up, I bumped into guys from my hockey team, baseball team, and work – never mind the total strangers that you end up chatting up like long time friends.

Paul and I took an AquaBus to Granville Island. We got into the Swiss house at about 5 and it was already getting a touch crazy.

But the big highlight – and 4 hour lineup of the day – was for Sloan in the Atlantic House for a 10:45 show. Atlantic House is at the Arts Club Theatre, and I’ve been there a few times, but never so packed. PACKED – capacity is 250 tops! Curt and Vikas met up with me and Paul, and we crammed in and danced around for the packed load 1 hour set. One of the funnest concerts in a long time.

Sloan is always great, but to see them in such an initimate setting was phenominal. It was so small in there that Chris Murphy didn’t even do his trademark jump kick, he would have booted half the crowd!

Chad Curt at Sloan!

Sloan's Chris Murphy

The crew at Sloan!

I’ve cranked this out quickly, as I’m just about to head out to see USA hockey game.



One response

16 02 2010

So I google “Sloan Atlantic House” to see what people thought of the concert last night and what is the second result? Your blog. With pictures of you with the guy in the white sweater and your other buddy. Remember those two girls that were upset you let your friends join you in line? Well, I would be one of those girls. And guess what, we didn’t make it into the show for the start of the set. They stopped letting people right in front of us. How many friends did you bring in? We stood in line in the rain for 4 hours, until 11:10 and only made it in for the last 1/2 an hour. It’s hard to see you and your friends having a good time when they are the reason we didn’t.

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