Olympic Post a Day #6: Richmond O-Zone, Hey Ocean, Bedouin Soundclash, and the VIP tent

14 02 2010

I headed through downtown yesterday, had a couple of drinks with my brother and his wife, and then made my way to Richmond, where I also had a warm up pint in a pub and meet up with a couple of friends before heading to the O-Zone in Richmond. Hey Ocean! and Bedouin Soundclash were the musical guests of the evening.

I’ve never seen Hey Ocean! before, and I thought they were fantastic, I would definitely see them again. They are a local Vancouver band that just seems to be breaking large, and I thought they stole the show from Bedouin Soundclash. My perception may be tainted that I saw Hey Ocean in the mass area with everyone else, where as Bedouin Soundclash I was far back in the VIP area, so my experience lacked the group energy by being so far back.

Being in the VIP tent happened by chance – I asked where the washrooms were, took a wrong turn, weaved through the production trucks and went through the back door into the VIP. I then called my friends and gave them the same instructions.

And I gotta say, the VIP tent sucks.

Rogue VIPS

Empty VIP area

Me and older drunken VIPs

It’s nicely decorated, the bathrooms were amazing, and was great to get out the rain. But the problem was, it was devoid of any energy. Only a dozen people in there, mostly older drunken women. It costs a $100 to get in, and a can of beer was going for $8.50.

Without a doubt, the best way to experience the Olympics is with a mass group of people getting their groove on. Sitting in the back with the VIPs is removed from the collective joy of the masses.

Today, it’s to the downtown LiveCity sites for Mother Mother and Elliot Brood, with my beautiful wife on Valentine’s Day.



2 responses

15 02 2010
ana p

Stumbled on your blog and Hey Ocean! is awesome! I was at the ozone too. And yes, Hey Ocean! did steal the show. They never fail to entertain. The crowd at the front during Bedouin Soundclash got rough.

15 02 2010

Thanks, I’ll totally check out Hey Ocean! again. Heading to see Sloan today (I hope)!

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