#5: An Ominous Beginning to the Games

13 02 2010

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic have officially opened in shocking, amazing, shocking, and clumsy form.

First, the death of the Nodar Kumaritashvili from Georgia while riding the luge.

With that accident overshadowing the opening ceremonies, they were still an amazing experience that reaches half of the world’s population. But I must admit, seeing it for the second time, I found some parts more comical than awe inspiring. I feel very safe saying there will be much better music at the various venues around town than what was at the Opening Ceremonies.

The Opening Ceremonies overlapped with my hockey game (not Olympic game, just me playing hockey). I left home when the speeches began, and didn’t see the K.D. Lang performance for the second time. When I got to the arena, I jumped in the pub to see Rick Hansen wheel into the stadium, and the torch encompass the area where the torch was supposed to arise.

They didn’t perform the torch rising and lighting at the dress rehearsal. Maybe they should have. You can watch the whole thing on the CTV website, but I’d recommend jumping forward about an hour and a half.

For me though, the most Canadian moment of the whole opening ceremonies, was Wayne Gretzky, standing in the back of a pick up truck, with his awkward grin. For a guy like Gretzky that has done it all, he looked completely overwhelmed in the moment.

Today, the first event has been bumped, medals awarded, and the first set of riots getting physical . But everytime the phone rings, it’s someone with Olympic fever.

I’m heading downtown, and then to the Richmond Ozone for Hey Ocean! and Bedouin Soundclash concert.



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