Neil Squire Newsletter

29 06 2008

The latest Neil Squire newsletter is now hot off the e-press, our first digital newsletter.  Includes a story on a past client of mine that a medal winning athlete, now volunteering with Rick Hansen and the Boys and Girls club.

Getting Stonger

29 06 2008

Queue the Rocky music!  Slowly but surely my arm is getting better.  I’m able to use my arm for limited periods of time for typing, computer, small tasks… but it’ll be a while before it’s things like baseball, tennis, golf etc.  It’s amazing the little things you take for granted, especially when it’s lose of use of your dominant arm.  Putting on a sock with one hand is a time consuming experience.  It certainly has given me a fresh perspective of what many of my clients go through on a daily basis.


Anterior Dislocated Shoulder

3 06 2008

Yet another baseball injury!  I slide into second base head first, and caught my right arm on the bag peg, which was infront of (instead of under) second.  Another guy on the other team hurt himself on that peg earlier in the game as well… nice job, eh?  For a summer slow pitch league, it’s taken more damage on people than I could have guessed.  Irony was, it was Allison’s first game back since the concussion, now I’m on the DL list.

Good thing I’m part of this Liberated Learning project, I’ll have plenty of chance to practice using speech recognition technology for the next 4 – 6 weeks while my dominant arm is in a sling.

Eastern Canadian City – Halifax

1 06 2008

Just home from Halifax, which was great.  Was there on the Liberated Learning project, which uses speech recognition technology to imporve the access to information.  It was my first time to Halifax, and it’s an energic little town with a ton of live music and energy (most likely fueled by the numerous universities in the area).

Also had a chance to see a lot of the local sites, including the Citadel, the Alexander Keith’s Brewery (those who like it, like it a lot), walk the waterfront, and have a few pints in a few bars.  Best day was probably the Friday, as I went with Phil from Dalhousie out to the Bay of Fundy, and then that night saw The Sadies play forever.  They rocked the place hard with nearly 3 hours of surf guitar bluegrass foot stomping madness!  Absolutely loved it – exciting technology evolution and a cool city to do it in. 

Cue the numerous tourist photos (group shot is the Liberated Learning project partners from Saint Mary’s University, IBM, Canadian Hard of Hearing Assosication, Learning Disability Association of Canada, and of course, Neil Squire Society).