Coast to Coast – Victoria to Halifax and back in one week.

24 05 2008

Next week will be a cool one, but a lot of flying.  I’ll be in Victoria Monday and Tuesday for the BCANDS conference – BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society.  I’ll be speaking about Neil Squire’s parntership with the Penticton Indian Band, and the services we’ve offered: primarily Employ-Abiltiy and our new Community Navigator program.

I then fly to Halifax, to attend the Liberated Learning meeting, a multimedia accessibilty and speech recognition technology project.  The new software provided through IBM takes pre-recorded media and transcribes the text at ~90% with no voice profile training.  It’s truely remarkable, and I get pretty excited about it’s applications for people with hearing loss, meeting learning styles, and literacy applications.

I take a sea-plane Monday morning, and get back home at Vancouver airport on Friday night.  Time to load up the iPod with tunes and video for a lot of flying.

Personal goal – get my feet wet in both the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean in the smallest time window possilbe.



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