Cycling for Indepence

23 04 2008

I am bicycling in a fundraiser for Independent Living Vernon.  They are a community partner I work with through Neil Squire to support people with disabilities.  We have collaborated on projects including online career and computer classes, assistive and computer technology, and peer support.

For the fundraiser on Sunday, May 4th, I have committed myself to the 50 km route.  This is above and beyond the 20 km route chosen by most.  Also, it did snow last weekend in the Okanagan.  Given my accident prone history, including my fair share of wipe outs, scars, and surgeries directly caused by attempting bicycling feats well beyond my abilities, I ask that you help support me this endeavor financially.
“This event is one of our major fundraisers which helps keep IL-Vernon an integral part of the community. “Cycling for Independence” has been greatly supported by this community and continues to increase in size every year. Funds generated go to support our Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U. ) group. This is a group that provides networking and encouragement to enhance social supports and independent living skills for Youth. Since its inception in 2005, Y.O.U. has grown to at least 12-20 youth that meet weekly.”
Thanks for your support.  Please make all checks payable to Independent Living Vernon.  
-Chad Leaman



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