Neil Squire Society

11 04 2008

I work for the Neil Squire Society, which uses technology, knowledge and passion to empower people with physical disabilities.  My current role is the Distance Learning Coordinator.  Primarily, I deliver career development, and computer skills as part of our Employ-Ability program.  What’s really cool about it, as the “job title” may indicate, is that I do it online using Wimba to partner organizations and individuals in other towns around Canada. 

This has taken me to quite a few places, and I hope to share some of the better stories when I’m bored sometime.  Maybe copy and paste some of the general “cool” bits of trip reports.  Right now, my work is primarily funded by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund.  So you could consider this a way to see how well your tax dollars are spent.

To teach online, I use Wimba.  They recently published an article on how I use Wimba.  It’s a pretty amazing platform and works really well.  I’m a pretty happy customer.  For me, the phone bridge option and the archiving are huge benefits.  Plus it has an API, which leads me to…

A side project that helps pay the bills is through the Liberated Learning Consortium.  It is basically a group of people using voice recognition to improve accessibilty for the deaf and hard of hearing.  I’ve worked with them and help develop a piece of code that allows what I’m saying to be read in Wimba, with varying degrees of accuracy depending on how well I follow good voice recognition practices.  I presented on this work at the inaugural Wimba Connect conference in Orlando, Florida.

I’m sure some of my work stuff will fill this space.  I really like what I do, and like to share it.  In fact, I think by using tags & categories, it might make it really easy for me to organize and collect my work information for reporting, public relations, success stories, etc etc. 




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