Baseball Season Begins

26 04 2008

And by baseball, I mean slop-itch softball beer league.  We had our first game, our first loss, and our first set of injuries… it was awesome!  Allison was hit by a ball running to first, and I jammed my arm trying to snag a grounder.  But Allison was female MVP and I had a home run. 

One down, 19 to go!  The team is awesome group of guys and gals and a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to some nice evenings of beer and baseball!  Go Packers!


Cycling for Indepence

23 04 2008

I am bicycling in a fundraiser for Independent Living Vernon.  They are a community partner I work with through Neil Squire to support people with disabilities.  We have collaborated on projects including online career and computer classes, assistive and computer technology, and peer support.

For the fundraiser on Sunday, May 4th, I have committed myself to the 50 km route.  This is above and beyond the 20 km route chosen by most.  Also, it did snow last weekend in the Okanagan.  Given my accident prone history, including my fair share of wipe outs, scars, and surgeries directly caused by attempting bicycling feats well beyond my abilities, I ask that you help support me this endeavor financially.
“This event is one of our major fundraisers which helps keep IL-Vernon an integral part of the community. “Cycling for Independence” has been greatly supported by this community and continues to increase in size every year. Funds generated go to support our Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U. ) group. This is a group that provides networking and encouragement to enhance social supports and independent living skills for Youth. Since its inception in 2005, Y.O.U. has grown to at least 12-20 youth that meet weekly.”
Thanks for your support.  Please make all checks payable to Independent Living Vernon.  
-Chad Leaman

2008 Massive Technology – Vancouver

18 04 2008

I attended the Massive Technology Festival in Vancouver.  We had a booth, I caught a session on Web 2.0 technology, and as always, the networking with the other’s in attendance was of the most value.

Plus, I rode a mechanical bull.  Can check that off the “life to do” list!


Mahna mahna!

13 04 2008

Neil Squire Society

11 04 2008

I work for the Neil Squire Society, which uses technology, knowledge and passion to empower people with physical disabilities.  My current role is the Distance Learning Coordinator.  Primarily, I deliver career development, and computer skills as part of our Employ-Ability program.  What’s really cool about it, as the “job title” may indicate, is that I do it online using Wimba to partner organizations and individuals in other towns around Canada. 

This has taken me to quite a few places, and I hope to share some of the better stories when I’m bored sometime.  Maybe copy and paste some of the general “cool” bits of trip reports.  Right now, my work is primarily funded by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund.  So you could consider this a way to see how well your tax dollars are spent.

To teach online, I use Wimba.  They recently published an article on how I use Wimba.  It’s a pretty amazing platform and works really well.  I’m a pretty happy customer.  For me, the phone bridge option and the archiving are huge benefits.  Plus it has an API, which leads me to…

A side project that helps pay the bills is through the Liberated Learning Consortium.  It is basically a group of people using voice recognition to improve accessibilty for the deaf and hard of hearing.  I’ve worked with them and help develop a piece of code that allows what I’m saying to be read in Wimba, with varying degrees of accuracy depending on how well I follow good voice recognition practices.  I presented on this work at the inaugural Wimba Connect conference in Orlando, Florida.

I’m sure some of my work stuff will fill this space.  I really like what I do, and like to share it.  In fact, I think by using tags & categories, it might make it really easy for me to organize and collect my work information for reporting, public relations, success stories, etc etc. 


“Hello World”

11 04 2008

Here’s the idea.  Things I want to share will go here.  You can always give me a shout if you want to chat more about things.  Or you can just spy, and follow along.

Hmm, couldn’t seem to find a smiley to put there.  That’s probably a good thing.  Let’s try to Add media:

Chad jumping on his mountain bike